Ever since Gina Marie was a little girl, messages from the spirit world and clairvoyant messages came to her naturally.  

After obtaining a BA in Psychology and Exercise Science from NYU, an MS in Occupational Therapy from Jefferson University, and Doctorate in Rehabilitation Medicine from Temple University, she learned to balance her psychic ability with her education so she can provide accurate messages of health, hope, and healing. 

Gina loves giving insights on all aspects of life, especially relationships and pets, and can even pick up amazing details from a photo.




 Gina Marie sees clients both in person and over the phone. Locations include Southern NJ, Philadelphia, and NYC. Please visit the Contact Us page to make a reading request and we will get back to you with an appointment time and location based on your needs.


 "I was worried about my friend.  I just had a feeling something was wrong.  Gina looked at his photograph and told me he had an addiction problem.  When I confronted him, he told me that he had been taking prescription pain medication for an old injury and it had spiraled out of control.  He's recently out of rehab and is doing great.  Thank you Dr. Gina!"

-Brian D., Deptford, NJ

 “Gina knew things about my past that not even my husband knew.  She's amazing.  Her advice was spot on!"

-Wendy H., Laurel Springs, NJ

 “I  was having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of my husband.  A friend took me to go see Dr. Gina.  An admitted skeptic, I had no expectations.  I was absolutely floored when she channeled Al.  She told me things ONLY Albert could have known. It was such a comfort knowing he's okay and looking in on me.  My life has been changed forever.  Thank you Dr. Gina!"

-Carol W., Gloucester, NJ

 “My cat, Bubbles, was acting strange. I didn’t know what was wrong and the vet said he was fine.  Dr. Gina spent 5 minutes with him and told me there was a raccoon that was coming up to the sliding glass windows at night and he was scared.  I put up a thick curtain so Bubbles couldn't see out at night, and he has been fine ever since!  You should change your name to Dr. Doolittle!"

-Paris T., Philadelphia, PA